Know you LOVE your plan BEFORE you buy it.

So you can say you're home.


Full-motion video, interactive models for your tablet, virtual reality...

Look, not everyone understands a "blueprint". Most of us don't really understand a blueprint!  


We get that. 

We are very proud of our plans.  But the way we can let you see your plan--before you buy--is what really sets us apart.

We are the only home plan website anywhere that uses the newest, cutting edge technologies to bring your plans to life.  For every plan we sell.


You will have to see it to believe it.


Once you've seen it, you will never settle for less.



Timeless Design Principles

Our Plans:

  • do what they are suppose to do 

  • are designed to last 

  • aspire to bring joy

What is your house suppose to do?  Of course, every home fills many needs.  But what is your dominant need you are trying to fill?  The rest--sq.ft., number of rooms, architectural style--will come a little later.


If you want to get right into the plans--search like a traditional home plan site--go here.  And have fun.

Architectural Styles

Do you have to have a style?  Look at it this way: your home will have a style if you know what it is or not.  Go here to start learning so you can decide what your home's style will be, not someone else.

It can be more than a little confusing if you get too caught up in then arcane study of architectural schools.  Do you know the difference between Walter Gropius and his Bauahus school  and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier?  Who cares? They're dead.  But what elements of "modern" architecture might you want to incorporate into your design?  None?  Do you want Craftsman, Contemporary, Queen Anne? THAT matters.*   


We make it fun and keep it simple.  




*Actually, everything you need to know about modern architecture you can find here:


Virtual Reality

learn more

We develop most all our plans in house.  But we do have some very special people who's work you should really look at. These are international designers we think the world of. 

These are the only three who can post on our site. If you are looking for something different you just might find it with one of these three. Again, we do things a little different.

You can buy their products at the store.

G. Dalibor Stanojkovic, M.Arch.


Sr. Roberth Jordan


Mr. Ben Goforth



our specialty designers

The most advanced, environmentally friendly way to frame your home.  You do not need to use the GigaCrete system to frame your house to use our plans, but our plans come GigaCrete ready if you do.  We can even help you our your team with the framing!  You owe it to yourself to learn more.