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We can help you two ways with your home plans

You can shop from our small but growing boutique store below, or we can custom design a plan from scratch.


And every plan we do comes with tools to help you understand your plan like you've never understood before,


You just can't understand what your layout will look like from a two dimensional plan like you can from a video. And if you think a video is nice, let us tell you what in the world a BIMx is. You get one of those free for every plan on our site as well as a video and renderings.

On every plan we sell.

Before you buy.

Now, start with one of our boutique plans below and see what we have to offer. Remember, we can modify any plan.

Oh, and we've been custom designing from scratch for 50 years! Call Kimberly for more details 1 (218) 791-1662.

Kimberly  (218) 791-1662

Zak        (218) 791-4467

A note on building codes

Many states, counties, and cities have their own code requirements.  In addition, different builders use different construction methods.  This makes it impossible for us, or any plan company to provide plans that are sure to be accepted in any given jurisdiction.  Please consult with your builder and local building inspector for requirements in your area and we can work directly with them.

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