Home Design My Way

I want everyone to understand that design a home can be fun. Lots of times your are under the "creative thumb" of a designer and their vision of what they think you need. I go about things a bit differently. When we meet I ask you what your wants and "must haves" are, what your lifestyle is, how you entertain, what pets we are accommodating and much more. (Maybe even Skype with me and share a glass of wine) I have you share your Pinterest and Houzz idea boards with me and we either have a plan to show you or will create a plan just for YOU. It's your money and its your way. This is the one time you get everything the way you want it and see it before you spend any of your hard earned cash. The fun thing is you work with me from the comfort of your home.

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Kimberly Simonson

Hi!  I have been in the building business basically all my life