Tiny Houses, Accessory Dwelling Units, ADUs, cottages.  They have a hundred names.  We used to just call them homes.  Many of us--or our parents--grew up in home of this size.  As American houses have gotten larger, some people are looking forward with one eye to the past.  Smaller houses (300 sq.ft. to 1000 sq.ft.), either for affordability or as second homes for family members on a property with an existing house (the "mother-in-law" house).  Zoning rules vary widely but more and more communities are recognizing the benefits of much smaller homes.  The names are used interchangeably but here is how we break them down:

Tiny Houses - Very small dwelling units that are usually portable.  We don't do much with true Tiny Houses.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) - A home on lot that contains another, larger, home.  Can be used for another family member or members. 

Cottages - a small home on its own lot.

Let's not get to caught up in using the perfect name.  Lets find the perfect plan.

But note what they are NOT: Mobile homes, Trailers, manufactured housing  Nothing wrong with any of these--they play an important part in our housing universe.  But what we are talking about here is site-built, permanent housing.

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